BUEarth was a team of 15 peopleĀ using the Microsoft Hololens 2 to help develop an augmented reality HUD for the next generation of spacesuit. We developed the HUD as a part of the NASA SUITS challenge, more information can be found here.

I was the lead developer on the project, and handled communication with the art and design teams, as well as making and adhering to deadlines. In addition, I still actively write new features for the application.

The application was developed with the Unity engine, and uses the Mixed Reality Toolkit (MRTK) to interface with the Hololens 2. Features I have developed include streaming astronaut vitals data in JSON format from a server and displaying it live, and detecting the astronaut's head turning to display specific information. The project is still in development, and features such as navigation are planned.

If you would like to view the project, please contact me at contact@douglasguzman.com, or the Contact page.
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