POWERful Runner is a side-scrolling endless runner. The player controls a robot running through a cyberpunk city in an attempt to reach school in time for their test on the Smart Grid. Help the robot study on their way to school by collecting notes and avoiding obstacles!

This project is in the prototype stage, and is one of many ideas that may be expanded upon in the future. This prototype, along with others, was developed in partnership with the Peoria Park District as a teaching tool for the Smart Grid.

The prototype was developed in 6 weeks in a team of 6 people. POWERful Runner uses the Unity engine. I worked as a programmer, and developed the quiz/note system, background scrolling, and powerup system.

If you would like to view this prototype and the other two that were developed as well, please visit the Github Organization.
Prototype 1 is EnerG and the Quest for Power
Prototype 2 is POWERful Decisions
Prototype 3 is POWERful Runner
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