It’s a beautiful day outside. The hippos are screaming, the dinosaurs are dying and all you want to do is play some miniature golf. You have no clubs, but that’s okay. Mother Nature has you covered.  
Disaster Golf is a fast-paced game that requires you to react on the fly. Experiment with many combinations of Natural Disasters to navigate the golf ball through wild and diverse hole layouts. Most importantly, have fun finding out where you might end up next!
I am the lead programmer for the project. Duties include sprint planning using Jira, ensuring that deadlines are met, managing the project GitHub, performing code reviews, and general technical support for the team. The programming team consists of 9 people, self not included, so I have not implemented any features into the game myself.
One of my ongoing subprojects in Disaster Golf is setting up and maintaining Bradley's build farm. The build farm consists of 3 Mac Pro (trashcan model) towers running JetBrains TeamCity. They will autodetect any changes to the main GitHub branch, and start the build process: 
    1) The changes are pulled from GitHub
    2) A static C# function in the project builds the game for Windows and MacOS
    3) A Python script zips and uploads the completed build to Google Drive

Disaster Golf is being developed in a team of 29 people using the Unity engine. The prototype was completed in 6 weeks by a team of 5, and the full game will be completed in late April/early May 2022.

You can download the latest development build from our itch page here
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