Power Play is an educational game targeted at children ages 8 to 12. The goal is to teach players about the Smart Grid: how it works and helps the environment. The game is a city builder, where players are tasked with building out a town's power grid. Power Play was developed for the Peoria Park District, where it will be used as an additional method of teaching electrical grids, and the Smart Grid in particular.

I was the lead programmer for the project, keeping the other leads up to date, divvying out tasks to the most suited person, and making sure that deadlines were met. In addition, I programmed most of the back end to the game: how power is transferred, placing and removing buildings, and tracking the milestones players reach.

Power Play was developed in a team of 11 people using the Unity engine. The prototype was completed in 6 weeks by a team of 5, and the full game was completed in 5 months building off the prototype. 

You can view the project's GitHub repository here, and can be played here.
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